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Clearwater Beach Spa Energy Modalities

reiki massage and healing touch

Energy Modalities Help You Feel Calm and Collected

Feel clearer, lighter, calmer, more balanced, more peaceful and relaxed with energy work.

Reiki, Healing Touch, Sum Faht

A Wholistic therapeutic approach to healing using Heart-Centered energy based modalities with a gentle compassionate touch.

  • Relax
  • Energize your Field
  • Relieve Tension, Stress, Pain & Anxiety
  • Increase Circulation
  • Enhance Immune System


Feel Relaxed, Peaceful… Today!

We offer the following energy modalities:

*Client remains clothed during session. Performed by a licensed, certified, trained practitioner.
(May also be incorporated into a massage)


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Our Rates

Our Rates

Board Certified

Energy Therapy Rates

Compassionate & Heart Centered

Unblock congested or stagnant Energy Flow and Enter into a deep state of relaxation. Client remains clothed for these sessions unless incorporated into a massage and then client will be properly draped.

Energy Therapies: Description: Time – Cost:
Healing Touch (Western) – Techniques utilized to align, balance and clear and connect the energetic system/auric/bio field 60 min – $110.00
90 min – $165.00
Reiki (Eastern) – Universal Life Force Healing Energy. Reiki energy automatically flows where most needed. 60 min – $110.00
90 min – $165.00
Sum Faht “From the Heart” Intuitive energy therapy 60 min – $110.00
90 min – $165.00
*Please note we have a 48 hour cancellation policy on scheduled appointments*
All rates and policies are subject to change. Confirm rates and policies when scheduling appointments.

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  • Relieve Tension & Stress  Increase Circulation
  • Enhance Immune System  Increase Range of Motion & Flexibility
  • Because you deserve a Healthier Life

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